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HPCI uses proprietary technology, big data, and in-depth industry insight of the telecom and IT space to assess both your current and historical contracts and expenses. We take a thorough look at everything telecom and IT related you have. Even your assets will be scrutinized by our experienced team.

Once your business is part of our program, it generally takes around four months to complete it from start to finish. During those four months, you don’t have to do a single thing. Our team will do all the legwork to get the results you’re hoping for. Within weeks of the program start date, clients begin to see savings related to telecom and IT. When the program is completed, we’re usually able to show our clients a 35-50% cost reduction.

One of the benefits that make HPCI so great to work with is that this is a contingency-based program. That means we only get paid based on savings. If we can’t save your business any money, we don’t get paid.



A monthly managed service program to prevent cost increases, and ensure your business is never spending more than they need to be



Monthly monitoring and management of your telecom vendor accounts. Your dedicated  Vendor Account Manager makes sure your contracts, plans, services and features are optimized to reduce costs and improve services. 


They’ve completely taken away a giant headache and have made it so easy to utilize their services. Thank you for all of your hard work!
— Operations Coordinator, PURE Restorations Inc.

Instant Analytics & Management Reports to report, explain, manage and forecast your Telecom related products and services.


Understand where every telecom or IT dollar is being spent in one central system.  Giving our clients the ability to view spending trends/allocations, action items, alerts, detailed and executive level reports & big-data analytics plus much more.

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