Most of us understand the prices of things we view as basic necessities can be negotiated. 

For instance, would you see a $500,000 price tag on a house and just write a cheque, or would you try and negotiate for a discount? Or how about a new vehicle? Would you try to buy a vehicle without negotiating with a salesperson to get those payments lowered?

The answer seems obvious—of course, you'd negotiate for such large ticket items!

Yet many of us in business just don’t think to do it with our own basic necessities, like telecom and IT, even though these categories represent a substantial portion of our annual budgets.

We assume the sticker price is what it is; that it's simply the cost of doing business. That isn't so. When you're renewing or signing your telecom and IT contracts, you should expect to negotiate for a better rate.

Obtain a Lower Price for Telecom and IT Services

Businesses are often paying different prices for the same contracted services.

It happens more often than you’d like to think, and it happens because someone has leveraged their knowledge of the market, a relationship, or the system in general to secure a more favourable pricing model than what’s marketed to the public.

It happens because they know more about the services, which allows them to spend less on their telecom and IT.

In-house procurement specialists tout their expertise in contract negotiation, but in the end they're negotiating from a position of weakness if they only have access to one contract that was written for their one organization. To negotiate from a position of strength, you must have visibility into a multitude of contracts for a multitude of clients across a multitude of industries.

When it comes to telecom and IT contracts, HPCI has that visibility.

Use Contract Negotiation Experts

When you use HPCI to negotiate your telecom and IT contracts, you know you'll get the best possible pricing, because we negotiate hundreds of contracts for different clients and carriers every year. We deal with this stuff every day!

We have more detailed insight into what plans and packages vendors are offering and, more importantly, at what price. We are in constant communication with them. That allows us to act as a more informed consumer on behalf of our clients. We secure rates and promotions that may not be marketed or advertised to the public, and we can also work with vendors to create customized solutions that align with your business needs instead of the standard offering that everyone usually gets.

So, when you’re looking at financing that $500,000 home, it’s beneficial to use a mortgage broker that has the market insight and expertise to get you the best loan at the best price. The finance department at the car dealership also acts in that same vein. Their insight into their industries is unparalleled, and it’s that insight that helps you save money.

When you make purchasing decisions about large tickets items, always expect to negotiate,and enlist the help of an expert to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table.

And when that negotiation pertains to telecom or IT contracts, that expert should be HPCI Vendor and Expense Management.