Corporate assets


When you are in a high position within your company, you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. You may be managing people, projects, budgets, etc. or all of them at once. When your focus is pulled in so many directions, you need efficiency.

If you need to keep track of your corporate assets, you may have to set aside a large chunk of time, but you don't have to anymore. Tracking corporate assets has never been easier with HPCI.

How to Track Corporate Assets

We work from a platform that inputs all your corporate data affiliated with telecom and IT spending. What this platform does is put all your data into easy to understand graphics and tables. When you access it, you can view trends, and keep track of every single corporate asset.

Corporate assets is a broad term; the ones we refer to are money, people, and property. Here's how you can gain insight into each one using our unique platform:

1) Money: Money comes and goes in an organization, but you want more to come in than out. With the HPCI platform (powered by, you can see down to the penny how much money the company is spending on IT and telecom services. If you have multiple vendors, each one will have a different invoice that can be challenging to understand. We'll take the information from all those invoices and different vendors, input it into our platform, and give you graphics, so you'll gain instant understanding. You'll know how much you're spending with each vendor and will be better able to manage IT spending.

2) People: Employees can be hard to track, especially when they have mobile devices. Multiple employees grouped with multiple devices can leave your head spinning trying to sort them out. What we'll do is break down and show you the data usage of each employee. In the end, you'll be able to tell who uses the most data and who uses the least. If your company has more than one location, we can zoom in on one specifically, giving you better insight into employee productivity.

3) Property: When a business goes mobile, they can invest a substantial amount of capital into devices for their employees. The last thing they then want to see is these devices disappear, go missing, or break. All your devices will be listed in our platform. From here you'll be able to view which ones are being used and how many aren't. If the organization thinks you need more, you can look back, see which ones aren't in use, and use those instead of investing more capital.

Track Your Corporate Assets

When you have the HPCI platform, keeping track of your corporate assets is easy. From one professional interface, you can view data about telecom and IT spending, property, and employee usage. HPCI is an IT vendor management company that specializes in negotiating and managing corporate IT and telecom contracts. We focus on cost reduction and creating internal efficiencies for our clients. If you need assistance tracking your corporate assets, we'd be glad to help you.