Vendor Management


Outsourcing. It seems like everyone does it, but should you?

Are there any benefits at all, or would it be easier to tackle it in-house? IT vendor management can be a tricky area for businesses. If you have good relationships with your vendors, you don't want to offend them even if you think you could get a better price. That's why you need someone to manage your vendors on behalf of your company for telecom contract negotiation.

Let Someone Else Manage Your IT and Telecom Vendors

It can be hard to let go of a part of your company and have someone else take care of it, or is it? After you read these benefits of outsourcing, you'll be asking where you can find someone to do it!

1) You get strategic expertise: Your company excels at its core business—whatever that may be. You're so good at what you do because your employees devote their time to making the company successful. You don't have the time or the resources to become an expert in another industry that isn't directly impacting your core business. When you outsource your IT and telecom vendor management, you'll benefit from someone else's strategic expertise where vendor management is their core business.

2) They're negotiators: A third party who specializes in telecom and IT vendor management is pro at negotiating on behalf of companies. HPCI has negotiated hundreds of contracts valuable to both big and small businesses. With this experience, they have more insight into cost reduction avenues and ways to leverage your company. If done in-house, you may not get the best price in your telcom contract negotiation.

3) A reduced dependence: When it's just your company and a vendor, you rely solely on the vendor for facts related to the actual impact of their service on your business. If you have a third party managing your vendors, they'll tell it to you like it is. You'll know precisely whether the vendor is beneficial to your business or not. The outsourced company will also present these numbers to you in a way that you can understand thoroughly.

4) Better technology: When you outsource vendor management, that company will have the technology tools specific to vendor management. If done in-house, the technology you may be using won't be the best at explaining why you're spending what you are. When you have the right tools that explain the details of your invoice, you have a better sense of your spending. HPCI's platform will give you detailed insight into usage, assets, and contracts, allowing for more effective decision making.

When you outsource your telecom and IT vendor management, you benefit from the expertise of a company that specializes in an area you don't. You'll receive unbiased info, benefit from better technology, and benefit from pro negotiators. HPCI is vendor/expense management company that specializes in negotiating and managing corporate IT and telecom contracts. We focus on cost reduction and creating internal efficiencies for our clients. Contact us to start saving your company money.