When you are in a high position within your company, you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. You may be managing people, projects, budgets, etc. or all of them at once. When your focus is pulled in so many directions, you need efficiency.

If you need to keep track of your corporate assets, you may have to set aside a large chunk of time, but you don't have to anymore. Tracking corporate assets has never been easier with HPCI.

How to Track Corporate Assets

We work from a platform that inputs all your corporate data affiliated with telecom and IT spending. What this platform does is put all your data into easy to understand graphics and tables. When you access it, you can view trends, and keep track of every single corporate asset.

Corporate assets is a broad term; the ones we refer to are money, people, and property. Here's how you can gain insight into each one using our unique platform:

1) Money: Money comes and goes in an organization, but you want more to come in than out. With the HPCI platform (powered by, you can see down to the penny how much money the company is spending on IT and telecom services. If you have multiple vendors, each one will have a different invoice that can be challenging to understand. We'll take the information from all those invoices and different vendors, input it into our platform, and give you graphics, so you'll gain instant understanding. You'll know how much you're spending with each vendor and will be better able to manage IT spending.

2) People: Employees can be hard to track, especially when they have mobile devices. Multiple employees grouped with multiple devices can leave your head spinning trying to sort them out. What we'll do is break down and show you the data usage of each employee. In the end, you'll be able to tell who uses the most data and who uses the least. If your company has more than one location, we can zoom in on one specifically, giving you better insight into employee productivity.

3) Property: When a business goes mobile, they can invest a substantial amount of capital into devices for their employees. The last thing they then want to see is these devices disappear, go missing, or break. All your devices will be listed in our platform. From here you'll be able to view which ones are being used and how many aren't. If the organization thinks you need more, you can look back, see which ones aren't in use, and use those instead of investing more capital.

Track Your Corporate Assets

When you have the HPCI platform, keeping track of your corporate assets is easy. From one professional interface, you can view data about telecom and IT spending, property, and employee usage. HPCI is an IT vendor management company that specializes in negotiating and managing corporate IT and telecom contracts. We focus on cost reduction and creating internal efficiencies for our clients. If you need assistance tracking your corporate assets, we'd be glad to help you.



Do you find your telecom and IT costs are ballooning? These areas of business are among the hardest to control expenses because there are so many assets and vendors to keep track of. It also doesn’t help if your contracts aren’t right for the company. You could be paying for more than what you’re actually using.

A large portion of telecom and IT overspending is caused by having the wrong contracts, plans, and features in place. Vendor made contracts often either exceed your needs and inflate your overall expenses, or they are insufficient and trigger cost overages. When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem like your business can win in this scenario.

You can win, though, when you use the HPCI Cost Optimization Program.

The HPCI Cost Optimization Program

Cost reduction is what we do best. Just ask any of our clients. Our cost optimization program is truly our claim to fame and your claim to reduced operational costs.

HPCI uses technology, big-data analytics and in-depth industry insight of the telecom and IT space to assess both your current and historical contracts and expenses. We take a thorough look at everything telecom and IT related you have. Even your assets will be scrutinized by our experienced team.

Once your business is part of our program, it generally takes around four months to complete it from start to finish. During those four months, you don’t have to do a single thing. Our team will do all the legwork to get the results you’re hoping for. Within weeks of the program start date, clients begin to see savings related to telecom and IT. When the program is completed, we’re usually able to show our clients a 35-50% cost reduction.

During our engagement with your company, you’ll enjoy full access to HPCI services and the support team. You’ll also get unlimited access to our technology platform, which will give you an “apples-to-apples” breakdown comparison of your telecom and IT vendors. Easily find and view what information you would like to in easily digestible graphs. We’ll ensure you aren’t dependent on a commissioned sales representative at the carrier or dealer level for information. Finally, with our help, you can understand everything when it comes to your telecom and IT spending.

The HPCI Advantage

One of the benefits that make HPCI so great to work with is that this is a contingency-based program. That means we only get paid based on savings. If we can’t save your business any money, we don’t get paid.

We’ve also done our fair share of negotiation with telecom and IT vendors on behalf of our clients. We’ve negotiated hundreds of contracts and bring that experience with us when working with you. HPCI has had the pleasure of helping over 250 companies across Canada and the U.S realize cost savings. If you would like to be one of them, get in touch with us.


We’re so happy you saw results with our cost optimization program! We’re glad we were able to help you realize significant cost savings in your telecom and IT departments. Now that we have you started on your cost savings journey, it’s up to you to keep the ball rolling.

To keep your telecom and IT expenses to a minimum, you need to be on top of these two departments, scrutinizing, calculating, and managing your vendors. It’s only then that your company will see long-term reduced operational costs.

Are you up for that? Do you have the time or personnel to make that happen?

If you don’t, don’t worry. This won’t be the end of your cost savings journey. If you don’t have the resources or simply don’t want to take on this monumental task, there’s the option of handing it right over to us to manage for you.

HPCI Managed Telecom and IT Services                       

Our managed services support SMB all the way up to enterprise level companies. We have three tiers you can choose from. All of our tiers include a secondary cost optimization program, a SaaS platform powered by, monthly bill reviews, reporting, and Help Desk support—all to different extents.  

Tier 1

At the most basic tier level, you get a hands-on cost reduction experience. We’ll fully review your telecom and IT usage to establish benchmarks, conduct a needs assessment, and negotiate with competitive vendors. You’ll have access to our HPCI technology platform powered by (additional fees apply) providing you with easy to read dashboards, alerts, expense management analytics, and service history tracking.

Tier 2

Expanding on Tier 1, Tier 2 offers a bit more to your business. In our SaaS platform, you’ll be able to create multiple user access accounts for employees such as user, admin, and manager. When we look over your monthly bills, we’ll also address no usage reports and monitor termination fees.

The reports you’ll receive will include a year-end summary, which will log historical trends in your spending and track year-over-year changes. Your HPCI Help Desk support will also cover roaming and troubleshooting.

Tier 3

Our best managed services option gives you full, long-term insight into your telecom and IT spending. In addition to Tier 1 and 2, this tier allows you to geomap of all your assets. You’ll also be able to sync our technology platform to your HR database and get organization chart reporting. We carefully watch for high usage and spending.

The telecom and IT industry are extremely competitive, and your business is wanted by a lot of vendors. Therefore, plans and offerings are constantly changing. HPCI services will ensure you’re never paying anything more than what you need to be. As your company grows and changes, we’ll make sure your usage and needs align proportionally with the business.

Contact us today to start your journey towards cost savings.